Certified Commercial HVAC Testing & Balancing

    NH HVAC Systems inc. provides NBC® Certified Testing, Adjusting and Balancing services on commercial HVAC systems. Testing, Adjusting and Balancing procedures are used to fine tune your building systems to perform optimally in your facility. Our team of experts can increase the efficiency of your environmental systems while decreasing the operating cost simultaneously.


    Environmental Systems are crucial to maintaining a comfortable, healthy facility. Today’s buildings provide highly controlled indoor environments which if not properly tested, adjusted, and balanced may not offer significant financial and comfort benefits. Our Team of experts strive to maximize your environmental system’s performance while minimizing overall operating costs. 


    We have the right mix of talent, experience and resources to measure the efficiency of a building’s environmental system and formulate a customized solution for our clients. To ensure quality, our team of technicians adhere to NBC® Certified procedural standards.  For a list of services offered please visit our Services page. 

Commercial HVAC Service and Maintenance

    NH HVAC Systems inc. knows that problems with a company’s HVAC system can result in their bottom-line being compromised. Our commercial HVAC technicians are specially trained to install, repair and maintain HVAC systems of any size or brand to keep your company up and running. We offer 24/7 emergency service and reliable repairs at competitive rates.


    Ask how our Preventive Maintenance Programs can provide regular testing and maintenance of your building's cooling and heating equipment, reducing the need for costly repairs or down-time. These contracts include a service from our specially-trained HVAC technician to maintain key elements of your system, allowing you to identify and address problems before they become critical to business operation.

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